Sports Mouthguards

Protect your smile at play

sports mouthguards cabramatta

Sports Mouthguards Cabramatta

Mouthguards are dental devices worn to protect the soft tissues of the mouth and teeth when engaging in contact sports and recreational activities.

This protective dental appliance absorbs the blow and softens it in an accident.

Here are a few mishaps that mouthguards can drastically reduce:

  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Fractured/cracked tooth
  • Knocked out or avulsed tooth
  • Broken or chipped tooth
  • Loose tooth

Custom-made Mouthguards

The best mouthguards are those that are created just for you. They are made in a dental clinic or specialised laboratory and are customised for each wearer.

A mouthguard is made from an impression of your teeth created by your Cabramatta dentist using a mould.

Although a custom-made mouthguard is more expensive than other choices, it offers the most comfort and protection.

Most mouthguards protect the upper teeth, but depending on additional protective gear, your oral health, and your sport, your dentist may also advise wearing one to protect the lower teeth.

at-home care for mouthguards cabramatta

At-home Care for Mouthguards

Take care of your mouthguard by following these easy steps:

  • When you use your mouthguard, wash it with cold water or a mouthrinse.
  • To store and travel the mouthguard, put it inside a sturdy, perforated box. This permits airflow and shields the mouthguard from harm.
  • Avoid exposing the mouthguard to high temperatures to reduce distortion.
  • Look for general wear on the mouthguard. Replace it immediately if you discover any holes or tears in it, if it becomes loose or hurts.
  • Bring the mouthguard to each regular dental checkup so your Cabramatta dentist can examine it.

Sports Mouthguards at Cabramatta Dental Care

Guard your teeth whilst having fun! We offer protective sports mouthguards at Cabramatta Dental Care to safeguard your smile from sports-related dental injuries.

At Cabramatta Dental Care, we take a gentle and meticulous approach to looking after our patients.

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Who needs a mouthguard?

Mouthguards should be worn by everyone who participates in contact sports, and any recreational activity that could result in mouth damage would benefit from wearing a protective mouthguard.

What does a mouthguard do?

An oral appliance worn over your teeth is called a mouthguard. The best defence against the danger of oral trauma and tooth loss is a mouthguard specially fitted to your mouth by your dentist.

Why custom-made sports mouthguards?

These form-fitting mouthguards provide a precise fit and enable performance and communication. During play, they will stay in place and let the wearer breathe and speak comfortably.

Are mouthguards uncomfortable to wear?

If your mouthguard is personalised, you should be able to wear it comfortably while taking part in physical activity. You won’t experience difficulty speaking or breathing regularly while wearing a mouthguard, and maintaining it will be simple.

What are the advantages of wearing a mouthguard?

Repairing or replacing lost teeth can be an expensive and unpleasant process.

Wearing a mouthguard while participating in sports can assist you in avoiding the following:

  • Teeth that are chipped or missing
  • A tooth’s nerve has been damaged.
  • Lips, gums, tongue, and inside cheeks suffer soft-tissue injury.
Can someone with dental implants wear a mouthguard?

Mouthguards can aid in preventing damage to teeth, dental implants, and dental bridges. They are shaped specifically to accommodate the implants. The greatest mouthguards are those manufactured to order.

How do I care for my mouthguard?

Mouthguards are quite pliable when heated, so to ensure that yours lasts a long time, rinse it with cool, fresh water after each use, store it in a rigid plastic container, and keep it out of direct sunlight.

For added sterility, it is suggested that you wash your mouthguard with mouthwash.