Full Mouth Rehabilitation

What Does Full Mouth Rehabilitation Mean?

full mouth rehabilitation cabramatta

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Cabramatta

Sometimes, your oral health damage needs more than one dental treatment.

All three types of dentistry are required in these situations: restorativecosmetic, and general.

Full mouth rehabilitation is one of the procedures offered by Cabramatta Dental Care in response to such a demand.

A variety of dental procedures are used in whole-mouth rehabilitation to improve oral and aesthetic health.

Treatable Cases

Patients who require many dental procedures at once receive full mouth rehabilitation.

Patients who have not seen a dentist in a while and now have various dental issues, including tooth sensitivity and missing teeth, typically require complete mouth rehabilitation.

Full mouth rehabilitation is also an option for people with dental treatment that is now deteriorating due to abuse or wear and tear.

This therapy ensures lifespan, beauty, and comfort by allowing harmony between dental procedures.

The following are typical issues that full mouth rehabilitation addresses:

Full Mouth Rehabilitation: Common Dental Treatments Combined

full mouth rehabilitation common dental treatments combined cabramatta

The combination is determined by each patient’s needs.

Following treatment, your Cabramatta dentist will schedule routine check-ups to monitor your progress and dental health status.

For a full mouth rehabilitation procedure, the following typical dental procedures are combined:

How does it work?

A thorough examination must come first. After hearing your concerns, our team at Cabramatta Dental Care will inspect your mouth. Your gums, jaw muscles, joints, and the general appearance of your mouth will all be examined. More than only your teeth are examined during these check-ups.

We also take moulds of your teeth, take photos, and take x-rays to get a complete picture of your dental problems. At Cabramatta Dental Care, we take exceptional care to make sure that our patients receive the care they deserve while utilising the best available dental techniques.

benefits of a full mouth rehabilitation cabramatta

Benefits of a Full Mouth Rehabilitation

When you select a full mouth rehabilitation to restore your smile, you can anticipate several advantages.

These consist of the following:

  • Addresses several tooth problems at once
  • Brings harmony to dental procedures
  • Improves strength and looks better
  • Complete makeover
  • Prevents or treats dental issues
  • Improved dental health
  • Improves overall smile profile

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Cabramatta

Fix all of your oral issues at once! Full mouth rehabilitation procedures are high-quality and safe at Cabramatta Dental Care.

Make every effort to complete your full mouth rehabilitation. At Cabramatta Dental Care, we take a gentle and meticulous approach to looking after our patients.

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What is full mouth rehabilitation?

A full mouth rehabilitation is a group of dental treatments and procedures designed to restore the structure and function of your mouth. This operation enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of your mouth.

Who needs full mouth rehabilitation?

A dentist may recommend a full mouth rehabilitation approach if you have significantly damaged or infected teeth or tooth loss owing to underlying disorders, infected gums, or periodontal issues.

Am I a qualified candidate for full mouth rehabilitation?

This is a question only your Cabramatta dentist can answer.
On the other hand, those with two or more issues are great candidates for full mouth rehabilitation.

Consult your Cabramatta dentist to know if you are a qualified candidate for complete mouth reconstruction.