Dental Check-ups

Why It’s Important to Get Regular Dental Checkups

Dental Check-ups Cabramatta

Taking care of your teeth should go beyond the confines of your own home. A dental examination is also necessary to determine your oral health condition and prevent dental problems from occurring.

Keeping track of your dental health offers numerous advantages. At Cabramatta Dental Care, prevention is the optimum way to care for your teeth.

Cabramatta Dental Treatment offers sophisticated dentistry and compassionate care you can rely on!

dental check-ups cabramatta
dental check-up procedures cabramatta

Dental Check-up Procedures

Dental check-ups must be thorough and exact because they are intended to find any dental diseases.

The examination and dental cleaning are the two components of a dental check-up.


Your dentist in Cabramatta will check your teeth, tongue, gums, and other supporting components during this phase for cavities, infections, and other problems.

Additionally, your dentist will check your neck and jaw for biting issues. If necessary, a dental X-ray or other diagnostic procedures will be recommended to you.

You will talk about your eating habits, way of life, and dental hygiene routines after the physical examinations.

Your dentist will also enquire about any current or former medical conditions you may have and any drugs you may be on.

Your dentist will review the examination results, the prescription, and how to take care of your teeth.

The various treatment choices will be explored with you if any preventiverestorative, or cosmetic operations are necessary.

Your dentist will discuss each procedure’s benefits and drawbacks and the estimated expenses involved, but the choice of which method you receive is ultimately up to you.

At Cabramatta Dental Care, we are delighted to offer guidance, but ultimately, it is your mouth, so the choice is up to you.

Dental Cleaning

You will thoroughly clean your teeth during this portion of the check-up. Cleaning, also known as an oral prophylaxis, aids in removing plaque accumulation from your teeth.

Your dentist in Cabramatta will use specialised equipment during this operation to remove tartar. Scaling is the name of this process.

Dental scaling involves cleaning the tooth’s surface beneath the gum line of plaque microorganisms. Two approaches to scaling exist.

Utilising a dental scaler and curette, a metal instrument, your dentist will remove plaque from the tooth if they are using handheld instruments.

The dentist will insert this small instrument behind the gumline to access plaque your toothbrush can’t reach.

Additionally, your dentist might scale your teeth using an ultrasonic tool. This has a vibrating metal tip and a cold water spray.

As the water flushes the pocket, the tip dissolves tartar.

Root planing typically comes after dental scaling. Root planing digs down to the tooth’s root.

Similar to scaling, this is done. Root planing smooths the root’s surface for the gums to reattach appropriately.

The application of fluoride gel is the last step. Fluoride strengthens teeth and fights bacteria. Additionally, it aids in controlling tooth sensitivity.

To give the gel time to saturate the teeth, wait for around 30 minutes before eating, drinking, or rinsing.

Dental Check-ups in Cabramatta

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Why is visiting the dentist necessary?

Maintaining your oral and overall health by going to the dentist will benefit the rest of your body.

Practising basic oral hygiene can prevent gum disease, leading to tooth loss and bone loss.

How often should I go to the dentist?

Even though some people like to schedule yearly visits, we suggest you come in for a check-up and cleaning twice a year.

If you have a dental health problem, your dentist can suggest more frequent check-ups.