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Cabramatta Dental Care is committed to our patient’s dental health and well-being in Cabramatta, Fairfield and the surrounding suburbs.

We are located 3.7km and 10 mins drive from the center of Fairfield and only 5 mins drive from Fairfield Veterinary Hospital.

Our dentist’s office serves patients of all ages, whether you require essential check-ups or a more complex procedure.

We provide various services tailored to your needs because we want you to feel at ease and confident when you enter our doors. Our team of professionals is committed to giving you the finest service.

Our Top Treatments for Patients in Fairfield

Z Wisdom teeth removal

For many of us, wisdom teeth can become impacted and require removal if left untreated.

When they develop correctly, they are just as good as your other teeth, doing you no harm and aiding in effective food chewing.

However, if you’re experiencing excruciating pain from your wisdom teeth, make an appointment with a dentist. Your teeth will be examined, and we’ll let you know if they need to be pulled.

We provide flexible appointment times and a speedy recovery. Following the surgery, you won’t experience any pain or discomfort. You can resume your normal activities swiftly and efficiently.

Z Dental implants Fairfield

Dental implants are prosthetics designed to replace missing teeth so you can have a healthy smile.

A dental implant is a surgical item that connects to the jawbone or skull to support and stabilise a dental prosthesis, such as a denture, crown, bridge, or facial prosthesis.

Z Kids Dentistry

We’ll see to it that your kids enjoy themselves while they’re here. In the years to come, kids will find going to the dentist easy because the children’s dentist helps them develop their confidence while they are little.

Toys, stickers, and cheerful staff are all on hand to make your kids’ first visits enjoyable.

Z Crown and bridge

The best dental restorations for missing and damaged teeth are crowns and bridges.

This procedure uses prosthetic devices to restore your natural smile and appearance. A crown is utilised when a tooth is broken or damaged; when one or more teeth are lost or missing completely, a bridge is used.

Z Dentures

Dentures are a type of removable dental prosthesis that fill in gaps left by missing teeth and help you regain your smile.

Replacing your missing teeth will improve your appearance and health if you’ve lost all of your teeth due to trauma, tooth decay, gum disease, or any other cause.

Z Root canal treatments Fairfield

Root canal treatments are performed to control and save a badly decaying or diseased tooth.

A root canal procedure can cure teeth that have cavities by removing the infected nerve and the pulp inside the tooth to seal and disinfect.

Without root canal treatment, an abscess will start to form when the tissues surrounding the tooth get infected.

Although a root canal may seem frightening, our dentists will ensure you’re comfortable at every stage.

Z Gum treatments

Gum diseases are treated in various ways, depending on their severity, how you responded to previous treatments, and overall health.

Following an in-depth evaluation, gum treatments ranging from non-surgical to surgical procedures will be recommended and discussed.

Non-surgical treatments attempt to keep microorganisms at bay. Surgical techniques help to rebuild the soft tissues that support your teeth.

At Cabramatta Dental Care, we treat each patient with kindness and expertise.

Z Occlusal splints

Occlusal splints are removable dental appliances that treat bruxism, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disease.

Your occlusal splint will be correctly fitted by your dentist at Cabramatta Dental Care so that you can maintain your jaw muscles relaxed and avoid clenching and grinding your teeth.

Z Emergency Dentistry Fairfield

An injury to the teeth or gums is a significant dental emergency that should not be neglected.

Ignoring a dental emergency increases the possibility of more severe damage and the need for more involved, expensive treatment.

Same Day Dental Emergency Appointments Available for patients in Cabramatta, Fairfield and the surrounding suburbs.

Cabramatta Dental Care is open seven days a week and provides emergency dental services.

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