Mouth Guards As A Preventive Measure Against Dental Emergencies

As Cabramatta’s emergency dentists, Cabramatta Dental has come across an enormous range of dental injuries, stemming from all sorts of activities. Amongst active youth, and youth-at-heart, they are common, and it is part of our skill set to quickly and effectively remedy the situation on behalf of our clients. However, it is important to note that a strikingly high number of these injuries could have been prevented with the use of a mouth guard.

Play it safe! Mouth guards can make all the difference!

Oddly, mouth guards were not developed with oral protection in mind. They were intended to prevent the lips of a boxer from being cut upon impacting their teeth during a match. It was quickly noted, however, that they were also excellent at preventing a variety of injuries to your teeth and the surrounding soft tissues.

Mouth guards work to soften the impacts of both direct impacts with your mouth, but also the ‘snapping’ action of a jaw shutting under pressure. They have become standard gear for a huge variety of sports, and not only the more predictable ones, such as rugby or football – they have found their way in to sports such as basketball and cricket, as well.

Part of reason for this broad usage is preventative. While contact isn’t as common in these sports, accidents do happen, and unexpected contact can be considerably more dangerous than one that you are anticipating.

At Cabramatta Dental, we make sure to provide well-fitted and secure mouthguards, which can guard against the need for a visit to your emergency dentist in Cabramatta. Of course, your mouth guard will do little to prevent injuries if it stays on the sidelines, so make sure that you and your aspiring sportsmen and women are making use of i..

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