End of the Financial Year: Did You Make Use of Your Dental Care Allotment?

The end of the financial year is quickly approaching us, and while it may not be known as a joyous occasion, it does serve as a good time to take stock of our dental health. Have I been good to my teeth? Have I brushed and flossed regularly? When was my last checkup and cleaning?

This final note is an important one, because June is the last month in which many of us can make use of dental care allotments in our health plan. If you have an oral health plan from your employer, or a private provider, the annual benefits that your premiums are affording you will very likely come to a close on July 1st. This means that once that clock ticks us out of June, you may have left some free dental care on the table.

And look, even if you have outstanding oral health, a proper cleaning is a kindness for your mouth. Despite our best efforts, there are nevertheless areas of our teeth that are difficult to clean. Combined with a flouride treatment, and you get to walk out of our office feeling so fresh, so clean.

So why not make a call to your family dentist in Cabramatta?

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You’ve Paid Already

If you are like most people on private coverage, you have been shelling out at least $50 per month for your coverage. Odds are pretty good that you have not made full usage of it. So why not do so? You can’t spend this balance anywhere else.

An Ounce of Prevention

Like with many areas of health care, taking care to head off any potential issues is of huge help. A dental checkup ensures that any issues are caught early on, meaning they won’t develop into something more serious, invasive, or costly.

Major vs General

Before you book, check your coverage – there are often two types of rebates available. For checkups and cleanings, you will file these under the ‘General’ title, while more complex procedures lie in the ‘Major’ category. Make sure that you have ample coverage before booking your appointment.

Most health plans will allow for a dental checkup every six months, so keep an eye on your last visit. Remember, your one and only set of adult teeth never get a day off.

Get the kids involved

As we approach the school holidays, there is suddenly ample time to include the wee ones in your dental checkup planning. We have a wealth of experience putting kids to ease while in our chairs. Trust us, they will undoubtedly thank you for it, someday.

Remember, there is no sense in leaving your hard-earned cash on the table – make use of your dental plan and get booked in for a cleaning and checkup, and enter July with a clean bill of oral health, courtesy of your family dentist in Cabramatta.

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