Electric Toothbrushes: Are They a Gimmick or A Useful Gadget?

As your no gaps dentist here in Cabramatta, we are all about the health and well-being of your one and only set of pearly whites. Our oral health is tied, in many ways, to our overall health, and by encouraging good treatment and the devoted maintenance of our teeth from a young age, we can ensure that we experience a lifetime of use.

Starting these habits from an early age is a key concept that we like to impart in our young patients, and proper brushing techniques are essential. These techniques have changed little for many years, but like most areas of personal health, the rise of technology has begun to make its presence felt. And electric toothbrushes are perhaps the biggest change.

So let’s investigate – are they a gimmick, or a useful gadget?

The Expense

The biggest difference between your toothbrush and a shiny new electric variety? The expense. You will be dropping enough for 10-15 toothbrush replacements to fund your new sink-side machine, and even more for a premium one.

The Advantages: Cleaning Efforts

Electric toothbrushes typically involve either a rotating or a vibrating head on them. They require considerably less physical effort than their manual counterparts, as you only really need to hold them in place to ensure that they clean your tooth’s surface clear of plaque. This reality makes them a good choice for those suffering with mobility issues, arthritis, or developmental problems.

Oscillating toothbrushes also tended to do a better job of removing plaque, as well. In one study, those using electric toothbrushes exhibited over 20% less plaque on their teeth after using the brush for three months. This is a noticeable difference, and could make a marked impact on the occurence of cavities and the development of gingivitis.

The Gums

Because these toothbrushes are typically used while being held in place – very gently moved, without heavy strokes – they are easier on your gumline. Even a well-practiced brusher will make contact with their gumline, which can contribute to its erosion over time. If you have contended with receding gums, it may be a wise choice to invest in an electric brush.

The Waste

However small, toothbrushes do contribute to a considerable amount of waste plastic. Alternatives exist, such as wooden toothbrushes, but electric brushes typically produce a smaller amount of waste, replacing only their detachable heads.

In short? You can provide good teeth-cleaning routines through either method. It is the battle of simplicity versus convenience, but to be sure, there are some notable advantages to the electric toothbrush. As your no gaps dentist here in Cabramatta, we think you should give them a look.

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