Top Tips on How to Enjoy a Cavity-free Holiday

There are more than a few Sydneysiders who are looking to welcome the arrival of the Christmas season. A long awaited break from the grind, some welcome time with our friends and family, and some of the longest days and best weather of the year – what’s not to like about that?

With such momentum behind us, we can be forgiven if we tend to err on the side of excess. There is no shortage of food, drink, and good company, and many of us will imbibe considerably more enthusiastically than we would at other times of the year. There are implications for our waistline, and for our teeth, as well. As your no gaps dentists for Cabramatta, we at Cabramatta Dental have some tips on how to enjoy a cavity-free holiday.

Don’t Graze

We aren’t going to tell you not to indulge, but we would suggest that you limit your indulgence to one big score – rather than an all-day chew. Exposing your teeth to sugars and acids all at once, rather than smaller amounts throughout the day, considerably lessens the amount of exposure to enamel-chewing acids that your teeth must endure.

Use the Power of Water

After your latest piece of candy or chocolate, your saliva glands will be responsible for washing down your teeth and neutralising the acids that are impacting upon your teeth. Help them out by swilling some water around your mouth – water, not soda or wine – to dilute the acids and encourage saliva production.

Don’t Slack on your Routine

Of all times, this is not the time to slack on your oral care regime. Ensure that you are brushing twice a day and flossing once – but remember, don’t brush immediately after eating sweets. The acids will actually soften the enamel on your teeth, and brushing immediately after will only damage them further. Wait a solid hour, then bobs your uncle. It also pays to consider a check-up and clean early in the new year, just to stay on top of potential issues.

As your no gaps dentist here in Cabramatta, we wish you a happy holiday, and the very best for the new year.

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