New Year’s Resolution: Ditch the Rinse!

The dawn of a new year is a great time to make some resolutions. We might look towards living a bit cleaner, get a bit leaner, work a bit harder. We have no shortage of options in this regard. But, as your Cabramatta no gaps Dentists, we have an idea that could change the way that you look after your teeth.

Just a heads up, it can take some time to break a habit. If you’re an adult, you have been brushing your teeth for a long, long time – long enough to develop a pretty solid routine, one that you don’t have to think about much. But it can pay some serious dividends for your teeth, so it is worth doing.

What is this, you ask?

Drumroll please…

Stop rinsing your mouth after you brush. Straight up.

Now we know what you are thinking – who wants to walk around all day with a gritty mouth full of toothpaste? We have some thoughts on that.

First, most of us are using entirely too much toothpaste. You need no more than a pea-sized amount to brush and clean your teeth properly. Less toothpaste means you have less to spit out at the end of your brushing routine.

Secondly, you are more than welcome to spit. Go for it! Use your saliva and remove any excess. Don’t stress the mild grittiness in your mouth, it will go away momentarily.

But why? Why not rinse, the way we have always done?

The answer lies in your toothpaste. The fluoride in your paste is necessary to remineralise your enamel, toughening it up, and making sure that it is resilient. But it cannot do its job if you wash it away. That paste that is left coating your teeth after you brush will do the job, but you must give it the chance to do so.

So give it a try. Your teeth will be very happy that you did

As your Cabramatta no gaps dentist, we are ready to take care of your one-and-only set of pearly whites. Contact us today and let’s get you booked in.

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