Your Sugar Intake and Your Oral Health

Staying on top of our sugar intake is key to maintaining good oral health, but this is not as easy as it seems. Sugar tends to be found in many foods that you may not expect, as it has become more and more popular as an additive. Particularly among children’s goods, including such offbeat choices as granola bars, or tart flavours such as cranberry, many products include roughly the same amount that you would find in a can of soft drink.

Cutting Out Sugar Can Do Wonders For Your Oral Health

Avoiding sugar means reading your labels, as too much sugar can mean more than issues with dental health. It can breed obesity, juvenile diabetes, and behavioural problems, which do little to set them up kids in adulthood. As your no gaps dentist in Cabramatta, we have seen cavities in children as young as three years of age – the direct result of modern diets.

Kid’s foods are particularly rife with sugar additives as they tend to display a high degree of brand loyalty for their favoured snack. And few things are better at encouraging this loyalty than a sugar kick, as the substance has been shown to contain a considerable addictiveness. If you can, providing your own home-made healthy snacks, you can more directly control the ingredients.

It is also worth pointing out that it is the pace of sugar intake that causes real pain to your teeth – not quite so much the sheer volume. For example, a single can of Coke, if drank in one slug, does almost exactly the same amount of damage to your teeth as a 2L bottle of Coke drank in one (epic) slug. The exposure timing of these acids and sugars is the real killer – so if you’re going to imbibe, make sure it is over a short time span.

As your no gaps dentist for Cabramatta, Cabramatta Dental can craft a maintenance plan that will ensure that you and your children’s teeth can last for a lifetime. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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